One-Perf is specialized in sportive physical training. We, therefore, help our adherents that are seeking it in sportive coaching.

Its founder Christopher Mutsheke, practices weightlifting, gymnastics and track & field. This experience allows him to master the athlete sensations in different situations as well as the global vision of the physical trainer.

After 20 years of playing Judo, a black belt and several high-level years, he had the chance to visit the largest sportive structures, to meet with well known trainers as well as sports champions.

As a physical trainer since 2013, he organizes trainings for amateur sportsmen seeking performance and professional sportsmen seeking perfection in the sports universes: Football, Basketball and Judo.

One-Perf, specialized in physical training and sportive coaching, will help you achieve the goals you would have defined with training programs adapted and conceived for people of all ages and all levels.

In One-Perf, our philosophy is that everyone, regardless of the physical condition level, age, or goal, shall receive the best of our knowledge in a safe training environment, by professionals.