The strength and conditioning is responsible for improving the competent athlete’s performance. It also helps the athletes in injury prevention.

The strength and conditioning is like a puzzle that mainly consists of bodybuilding, speed and endurance.


A good practice of the strength and conditioning consists of three major steps:

  • Evaluation
  • Planning
  • Training

In addition to the strength and conditioning, the strength and conditioning coach introduces you to the proper use of hygiene rules. As a matter of fact, the strength and conditioning coach observes the general health state of the athletes by referring to other professionals, if necessary, such as; physiotherapists, osteopathists, sports doctors, nutritionists…

A good athlete must be able of understanding and acting upon the different performance factors.

Necessary competences of a strength and conditioning coach

  • Knowledge of the discipline involved
  • Knowledge of  anatomy and physiology
  • Knowledge of the athletes he is responsible of



The physical trainer will propose a training program based on a very precise analysis of the sport involved, the techniques and the needs of which are acquired by him.

Thus, according to your own goals, we will develop a personalized program that suits the training period.

If the strength and conditioning of the athlete is always accompanied by a physiological training, it is often followed by a mental training. Preparing the athlete spirit to the competition is always as important as preparing his body.



The strength and conditioning concerns the athletes, professional high-level sportsmen as well as sportsmen who are seeking excellence.

According to the sportive discipline and to the level that is to be achieved, a strength and conditioning is provided in compliance with the training period.

No matter what your performance level is, a personal training must give you the chance to achieve a higher level step by step without damages by following the right moves.

Casual sportsmen get started by a sportive coaching before undergoing strength and conditioning that can be too hard.

Rehabilitation sessions are available for the high-level athletes who have experienced injury.