What is Royal Jelly ?


It is a substance secreted by worker bees.

Royals by their status, the queens have the peculiarity of being the only ones to be nourished by it, while the other bees receive it only during the first three days of their existence.

As a result, queens have a life expectancy of between 4 and 5 years, 40 times longer than workers.

Royal Jelly has virtues like no other !


Acidic, sweet and tasteless, it still has many benefits for human health.

It is considered as one of the dietary supplements the purest among the others.


It is mostly water, but it has also carbohydrates, proteins and lipids.

In addition, certain minerals and trace elements are present in this famous product, such as iron and calcium among others.


Recognized for its protein content, its amino acids and its B vitamins, there is no doubt that its impact on the athlete is considerable.


Its benefits are many :


– Energy gain

– Feeling of well-being

– Reduction of fatigue

– Faster recovery

– Increased endurance

– Improvement of intellectual abilities


In order to obtain better sports results and excel as an athlete, ONE-PERF recommends “Royal Jelly”.


Indeed, it is incumbent on any athlete to maintain his body, which for once, is his tool of performance. In particular, having a suitable physical activity and a good recovery, improve the quality of sleep and of course a proper diet.


How to consume it ?


Know first that it is a dietary supplement and not a substitute meal.


In order to properly assimilate and benefit from it, we recommend a cure of several weeks by consuming it on an empty stomach.

Make sure it is pure, fresh and biological (organic).

Similarly, we recommend you take the French Royal Jelly.


Dear athletes, it’s autumn and winter is coming !

We are at a propitious moment for its absorption.

And yes ! In addition to the many benefits we mentioned earlier, it helps you withstand the cold.


Do not waste time… Take, taste and perform !