Functional training aims to improve athletic motor skills, by working on mobility, stability and posture.


It improves bodily functionality and allows you to better use your body in space. Mainly in a specificity, that is to say the sport that we practice.


It’s not just about being strong, fast or enduring, but also about being in tune with your body.


There is no profit to be made in a series of movements with poor placement. Even more dangerous, this can have harmful long-term repercussions. With cheating on yourself compensating with other muscles or other parts of the body. It is imperative to execute the right gestures adapted to the efforts to produce.


We are not talking about the technical aspect, which, in a club, is reserved for the coach. However, precision in the movement is important.


This method helps to enhance the strengths of human functioning, focusing on the details and accuracy that will have a direct impact on the athlete’s performance.


Les Benefits :

  • Improved motor movement.
  • Reduced risk of injury.
  • Improved skill.

We often tend during stretching or other exercises to focus on a muscle group (Quadriceps, Hamstrings, etc.). The question is, “Can we work a whole muscle chain ? ” The answer is yes !


Example: When climbing the knees, the concentration is mainly fixed on the lower limbs, should we neglect the upper limbs, abdominal sheathing and coordination in the arrangement of movements ?


All of these parameters improve movement and affect how you run.


You can however work in isolation. This is even recommended in some cases, but the important thing is to be consistent in your training sessions.


Take care of your body and your body will take care of you during and after your sports career. Because yes, there is an after !