To practice any sport, it is important to warm up first.
Actually, many exercises can be performed to better prepare your body for a physical activity. Today, we will be focusing on the Butt Kickers .

This exercise is often used in many activities and it is a part of the athletic range, in other words, the range of races.

Its main purpose is to get your body prepared for exerting a physical effort. Hence, it allows for a smooth movement to make a good stride! It mainly strengthens the hamstrings.

How can you do the Butt Kickers exercise?

According to some, the answer to that is simple: “it is enough to place the hands behind the buttocks and to lift the heels to the buttocks level.” The second question is “In which direction should you move?”

After conducting many analyses, we found that some sportsmen, especially footballers, run in the same way they do this exercise. Indeed, we can see that the legs give up!

While running, isn’t our main goal to go forward?

This exercise has to be done with meticulousness and severity so that the body becomes ready to make the right movement.

In track and field, there are many ways to do the exercise:

  • The butt Kickers with arms action (most common)
  • The dynamic butt Kickers (for velocity)
  • The heels “Pelvis”

Today, let us focus on the “heels Pelvis”. This way of doing the exercise is interesting indeed. It is enough to raise the heels towards the pelvis in a vertical direction, while moving the arms coordinately. The aim is to move forward.

It is the leg trajectory that undergoes the essential movement.

Definitely, many exercises can be used during training.

It is true that a soccer player or a basketball player are not required to move like an athlete runner. Although, some sportsmen can use the body movements that go with the sport they play.

In addition, the feet’s return to the ground is of crucial importance. It truly supports the body weight and plays a pivotal role in the race’s propulsion.
Consequently, it must be put on the ground in a smooth way to give the movement more elasticity.

The last important point: to keep the ankles flexible and mobile. You will therefore have to wear the right shoes.

Those have to be initially designed for sports, light, smooth and supplied with adequate soles.

You now understand, it is not insignificant to do the butt kickers exercise. Its movements are not complicated, yet, crucial for practicing this activity of ours.

Henceforth, the keys are in your hands …or we would rather say that the heels are to your buttocks!