Can we practice sports while we are suffering from flu? Before answering this question, we must at first provide a quick reminder of the origin and the symptoms of the flu.

Flu is a viral infection that affects the respiratory tract in an episodic and epidemic way each winter. The virus enters the body by the nose and the mouth, by human contact or contaminated objects.

The flu is characterized by a significant inflammation of the respiratory tract (throat, nose), fever, soreness and general fatigue.

According to the weakness of the body and the intensity of the symptoms, a complete recovery is estimated from 1 to 2 weeks.

Despite a defective health condition during this period, many sportsmen and athletes would like to keep training in order to maintain their level and to preserve the physical capabilities they have acquired. Yet, a sportive activity that stresses the body temporarily destabilizes the immune system making the sportsman even more vulnerable to different infections. And like any other viral infection, the heart might also get affected which might cause a pericarditis (heart disease). The white blood cells that are intended to protect the heart muscle might weaken it.

The flu can therefore, be dangerous to the health as it has some serious complications to the young people and the older ones as well as to those who suffer from respiratory or heart failures.

Is it right for a trainer to ask for his best athlete in a very important competition? No! Victory is good, yet health is better.

That is mainly why any intense physical activity should be suspended while the sportsman suffers from flu.

Fever, intense pain and soreness might also cause a general fatigue that limits, in a way, your physical capacities. Therefore, while you cannot maintain your usual rhythm you can, if your state allows it, cycle, practice yoga or stretching exercises to a very low rhythm.

If you suffer from a more difficult or frustrated flu due to the lack of sportive activity, you now have enough information that can help you overcome this period but, adopt the right measures to prevent any recurrence and talk about it to your entourage.

A good practice of a regular sportive activity fosters the white blood cells circulation in the body, which is essential to neutralize viruses and bacteria while strengthening the immune system. Therefore, those who regularly practice sportive exercises have generally better health.

To sum up, while the body protects itself from infections, if good life hygiene is important; practicing regular sport largely helps prevent flu.